Now On Air Requires Javascript Privacy Policy

WVCR-FM respects your privacy as a top priority.  We welcome you and appreciate you visiting our website.  When you visit, there are a few items we collect to allow us to ensure the utmost performance and experience for you while on the website.

Information Collected:

Some information that is automatically collected when visiting our website may be the following:

 - User client hostname: the hostname or Internet Protocol address of the user requesting access to our website.

-HTTP header, "user agent": the type of browser, its version, and the operating system on which the browser is running.

-HTTP header, "referrer": specifies the webpage from which the user accessed the current webpage.

- System date: Date and time of the user's request.

- Full request: Exact request the user made.

- Status: Status code the server returned to the user.

- Content length: Content length, in bytes, of the document sent to the user.

- Method: request method used.

- Universal Resource Identifier (URI): location of a resource on the server.

- Query string of the URI: anything after the question mark in a URI.

- Protocol: Transport protocol and the version used.

- Processing time: Time, in milliseconds, it took for the server to process the request.

- Host header: hostname of the requested file.

Collected Information:

Any information that is collected through our website is kept private and only ITS and authorized personnel has access.

Policy Changes:

This policy was last updated on February 10, 2018 and is subject to change.