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  The Cheap Seats w/ David & Jared


The Cheap Seats is a premiere sports talk show hosted by David Smith and Jared McCabe. Jared is a student at Sacred Heart University while David attends Siena College. The Cheap Seats will cover all professional and collegiate sports specializing in the NFL, MLB, college football, college basketball, as well as fantasy football and baseball. David and Jared have done previous radio spots as well as podcasts covering sports and are excited to be a part of WVCR. While attending high school together at LaSalle Institute, they got their start by calling the LaSalle basketball, baseball, and hockey games for Upstate Sportzone. When they are not in the studio, they are typically on the phone planning and hanging out. You can also probably find them at a Kenny Chesney concert (Hence, the No Shoes Nation flag in the photo. Jared on the left and David on the right).

Interesting things about Jared:
● Specializes in the MLB and NHL.
● Co-founder of Upstate Sportzone.
● His favorite teams are the New York Yankees, New York Giants, Boston Celtics, and the Duke Blue Devils basketball, and Texas Longhorns football.
● Hates everything about UNC.
● Cannot beat David in a fantasy championship game.
● Intramural softball champion.
● You can find him at the closest Starbucks.

Interesting things about David:
● Specializes in the NFL, college basketball, and fantasy sports.
● He has been covering the NFL Draft since middle school and has been an analyst since high school.
● David’s favorite teams are the New England Patriots, New York Mets, and Siena basketball. Also, loyal Tom Brady supporter
● 4-time reigning fantasy football and fanatsy baseball champion.
● Passionate nutritionist who follows a nutritarian and vegan eating style
● Cornhole and Kan-Jam specialist.
● If David is not in the station, he’s at the golf course.