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The POLKA SPOTLIGHT w/ Gerry & Dennis Rymanowski

Dennis and Gerry Rymanowski have been hosting their Polka Spotlight Show here on 88.3 for over 20 years. Since 1947 the Rymanowski Bros., A Family Band, have been an integral part of the Music scene in The Capital Region, be it Polka Music. The Rymanowski Bros are perhaps the longest lived and perhaps the best known of the Capital Regions Polka Bands. On their Sunday Polka Spotlight Show and various playing engagements, they attempt to preserve their heritage and customs of their ancestors. They look to recruit a younger generation not only to introduce them to the fun of Polka music but to instill many of the Polish traditions and values that are celebrated at the Holidays, such as Christmas and Easter. They are very thankful to Siena College for allowing them to continue their goal. Dennis and Gerry and their Rymanowski Bros Band will be heard through out the Capital District this year and look forward to seeing you. The band is made up of Accordionist & arranger Jerry Romanowicz, Cousin , Bob Drozd on Clarinet,Sax Vocals and Drums, Joe Rycek, on Trumpet, Clarinet, Sax. Gerry is featured on Bass and Vocals and Dennis plays Drums and Sax. Dennis & Gerry always close their Polka Spotlight Radio show and playing engagements by saying “thanks for coming out, always stay as nice as you are and Dowidzenia”. Thanks for listening to 88.3.

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